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"Miss Rudich plays very beautifully, producing a smooth, silken tone, phrasing with spirited elegance, and operating with a crucial sense of linear continuity that characterizes a polished artist."
–The New York Times

"Rachel Rudich's playing seems to exhaust the possibilities of extended techniques for the instrument. One had to admire the flutist's deep virtuosity and probing seriousness, just as one had to marvel at her ability to memorize, play, and dance a complicated Stockhausen score."
–The Los Angeles Times

"Davidovsky's Quartetto...a piece of almost theatrical intensity and wattage...
received a performance of the greatest urgency and precision by Rachel Rudich."
–The Boston Herald

"Rachel Rudich's flute, bass flute and piccolo covered tough musical terrain...
her phrasing led onward, undaunted by impossible technical demands."
–The Washington Post

"Elliott Carter's Esprit Rude/Esprit Doux was given its New York premiere by Rachel Rudich...
a captivating, lively dialogue...bright, shapely bird song...bubbling, unlabored, lovable
invention... the performance was attractive and accomplished."
–The New Yorker

 "The evening's performance was on the usual high level,
with spectacular solo work by the flutist Rachel Rudich."
–The Los Angeles Herald Examiner

 "Rachel Rudich's flute purred, moaned, whispered and rattled
through many mesmeric and sensual passages."
–The Village Voice

"Rachel Rudich is a remarkably fluent instrumentalist
with a talent for involvement in first-rate music elsewhere neglected."
–Fanfare Magazine

"Rachel Rudich, flute soloist and expert principal of the ensemble,
added luster to these polished performances."
–The Los Angeles Times

 "First class flutist...virtuosic technique...innate musicianship...a dynamic performance."
–The New York Times

"…extended contributions by… Rachel Rudich on shakuhachi…at once inventive and atmospheric."
-The Los Angeles Times